Thursday, August 15, 2019


Okay, so now I have to work on getting things done - not all house things - mostly work, family,  financial, and club things. I got a fortune cookie today that said that my problems are behind me - if only I believe it.

Work - I went to the client that I go to monthly.  She was charged a large amount for fees by her credit card processor and she had no sales.  I telephoned her processing company and they gave me a breakdown that sort of made sense, but did not.  What I was told the fees were for do not match what I have been told in the past about the annual fee she has to pay (due to low sales and this being a crooked company that she says she will switch from, but does not).  A friend of hers (she is in an indoor, open market area and this is one of the other vendors) came by and said that she has to fill in a form with the processing company (and Mr. Expert does not use the same company) and then they will get rid of one the larger fee.  I called the company again and they  then said that I had to call the sales office for more info.  Her salesman who should be who she talks to about questions disappeared in 2016 about two months after she signed up this company.  So I am trying to reach their sales office - either no answer at the extension I need or it keeps ringing.  I looked up the company name on line that answered and not only is not the company she signed up - it seems to be a “use an electronic device for card processing” company not one that uses the card reader she has.  I will keep trying.

Mom - since I have been less helpful with going through mom’s house, I have been put in charge of taking her to 4 doctors she has to go to.  Husband insisted her wheelchair will not fit in our car (and she cannot climb into the van).  I pointed out to him that if I went without him, it would fit as I could drop the back seat down for more room behind it.  In the meanwhile, my sister explained that the wheelchair comes apart to fit in a car.  I have been waiting for husband to set on when we are going on a trip - still a short one and probably to PA again - so I can make appointments for mom.  Today my sister called - mom had to go to the emergency room due to leg muscle spasms.  Now she will have an aide 24/7 for 3 days due to the medication - so I am putting off calling about the appointments until next week (or the week after if we go away next week) so I know where we are with her going out. I called her Medicare supplement plan to see if they would cover the aide, only if Medicare does - so, no, they don’t

Work, again - I have a tax client who has me put his tax return on extension as he goes south for the winter.  Normally he will contact me the start of September to set up an appointment to do his return.  He sent an email  - can we meet Monday?  Have to find out from husband if we are going away next week or not - he seems to be leaning towards not as it is suppose to, yes, rain.

Family, again - husband this time - husband has been having problems for several years finding the clothes he likes.  As a result he is low on presentable clothing.  Now that RV is finally working correctly, he needed something else to obsess about.  Underwear - it seems that it cut with a lower waistband and is too low for his to be comfortable in and falls down.  Then again, his old underwear falls down also - I am going to have start sewing new elastic in the waists.  Some of his shirts are so worn out that he can be seen through them.  When he complained a week or so ago, I made him go to the outlet of the company whose shirts he likes - they are short sleeved which I figured would make it easy - but he found most of them to be “too heavy”.  He got 3 shirts - which have to be washed so he can wear them.  We also have been going to various Walmarts as he found shirts in another fabric he liked, looking for what colors it comes in.  He also bought some tee shirts to try - only $2 each at Walmart closeout.  He didn’t like them, but they are fine are spares for me - especially at that price.  Jeans - he had 2 spare pairs that he bought when the ones he likes was discontinued.  I washed them.  I went to pin them to shorten - but the waists are so tight that he would pass out if he wore them. (They were 2 of 3 identical pairs he bought together - the other is tight, but not like this and the next size up falls off him.) We went out looking for jeans.  He found 3 pairs - all going back are they are not right.  I did convince to buy a waistband extender which moves the button/button hole 1 or 2 inches apart and he is using same.  More jeans shopping to come.  (Okay, I can be as bad, just have been lucky - my only problem is socks and I have taught myself to darn so I can fix them when they get holes.)

Clubs - I have to get paperwork out to an upcoming event for our reenactment unit.  We raised the unit’s insurance coverage and I have been trying - by telephone and mail - to get a copy of the increased coverages from them since May!

Clubs - I managed out to get out the summer newsletter for my embroidery chapter.  Now I have to get the year book (upcoming year’s meeting programs) out.  The newsletter is email; the yearbook has to be printed and mailed - and husband is planning a trip - sometime.

Financial - I have to print out, sign, and mail by certified mail two letters for credit cards that we have to “opt out” of changes they are making.  I paid all our bills today until the end of next week in case he decides that we are going away same. 

THOUGHTs OF THE WEEK -           

First thought is - I don’t have time to write and post this!

When one does not know when one will do something - one cannot plan when one will do something else and has to juggle to deal with it all.  It will all work out in the end - either work out well or badly, but it will work out and new problems will come along to be solved.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

RVs, Cars, Mom, and Work

I have not made it back to the family house since 2 weeks ago to finish up, heck, I haven’t even had a chance to try calling mom to just talk to her.  I have been busy taking care of my husband. 

No, he isn’t sick, but he has been going crazy over our RV and its batteries.  Back towards the end of July I mentioned that we had ordered new RV batteries and then had to drive down to New Jersey and spend part of the day getting them installed (by the company which ordered them for us).  We thought that would be the end of dealing with the batteries. It was not.   

To explain the problem with this - our RV (a Chevy Express Van converted to a very small RV) has the regular battery under the front hood which does all the “car” type things - like starting the engine.  We also have in a cabinet which opens to the outside two more batteries - similar to those in golf cart.  These run all the electrical RV things, when turned on, if the RV is not plugged in and the engine is not running - like while the RV sits in a parking lot all day while we are somewhere.  (Well most of them - we cannot run the RV air conditioner unless plugged in or the engine running.)  There is a small electrical panel on a wall in the RV which lets us check how much water in the clean water tanks, how much is in the dirty water tanks, how much propane we have in it’s tank, and how well the electricity is doing.  (It also has the switches on it to turn on the RV batteries to allow them to be used and to turn on the water pump so water works out of the sink, toilet, etc.)  The top light for the batteries on this panel lights up and is green when the RV batteries are charging while the RV is plugged in or the engine is running.

In addition to the green charging light showing that the RV batteries are charging, husband has a small device to plug into the cigarette lighter to check the voltage of the engine battery or into a similar receptacle he had put in so he could check the voltage of the RV batteries.  This had been low for the RV batteries, which is why we replaced them - especially since they were 2 years passed their expected life. 

However, after the RV batteries were replaced, the green light still was not lighting up.  That meant the RV batteries were not charging.  We do not have an RV dealer near us to go to about any of this (hence the trips to Pennsylvania and New Jersey to get work done).  Husband was going crazy about this.  Over the past month and a half we paid out something like $4-5000 that we do not have to fix the three vehicles.  He needs to get a tooth added to his denture as one fell out - probably another thousand dollars.  Between being upset that the RV batteries are not charging, not knowing where to go about it, and not being able to pay to find out what is going on, he was rather despondent and depressed. 

We have a really good mechanic and he tries to help us as much as possible even though he does not know about RVs.  The fellow who used to work for him (retired) was even better at figuring all this out.  Just in time for us - the fellow who had retired decided that he needed to work part time as he was going crazy retired.  We called them and explained.  I was suppose to go to work this past Tuesday, but husband was soooo, upset about all this - and Tuesday was when they could take the RV - I made the work appointment for Thursday (tomorrow) instead. 

The engine battery was also low and was replaced (had another year and a half to go on it).  But it the voltage was still low.  There is a device, called a separator, which lets the engine battery or the RV batteries charge alone when needed.  It is apparently a simple electrical switch, but not generally available.  We had talked about ordering one to have it if needed and with all this going on, last week we did.  It came in this past Monday. 

Tuesday we were ready to go out for lunch and had not heard about the RV, so I asked if he wanted to stop by on the way to lunch and then suggested we put the separator in the car. 

The fellow who worked on it was on the verge of replacing the alternator as he still could not get the system to the correct voltage.  He was looking online for which of their suppliers had one for our RV that was good and not crazy expensive.  We all went out to play with the RV.  The fellow had not known about the light panel to show the RV batteries were charging.  We showed it to him.  They used this voltage meter and that in this place and that.  Then I asked - can the voltage going through the separator be checked?  Ah ha!  Voltage going into the separator - right - voltage coming out - low!  We brought him the separator and the voltage on each side was the same.  Solved!  Husband was so relieved to see the green light on the panel light up!

So, if I had not stayed home with him to comfort him, we would have paid out more big money for an alternator and still not resolved it.  (Makes me wonder if we needed any of the batteries, but that is water under the bridge.) 

In the process of all this - we have driven out to almost the end of Long Island to charge all the batteries.  Since we do this after dinner we can go and return in about 2 hours.  I have lived my entire life on this (long) Island and have been out as far this (or further) maybe 10 times, 12 at the most on the north shore.  Five of these times - including these two times - have been to charge the RV batteries.

So I lost 2 nights of being able to do things in the house. I am going to my client 3 days later than I planned - and there is a possibility of thunderstorms.  Plus the day lost while he was too upset to be home alone and all the time we were outside in the RV playing with the batteries.

In addition, my sister had sent me a text Monday evening asking me to go to mom on Tuesday as she was meeting with the physical therapist and would have to sign papers.  Unfortunately it must have come in while I was out of the kitchen - after leaving my phone on the table while cooking.  I did not see the text - due to all of the above mess - until half an hour after the end of the of the time range of when I was needed there!  So poor mom was there alone because of all this mess. I sent a text to my sister explaining and apologizing, but have not had a chance to call mom.


Our time is limited.  If we need (or want) to do one thing, we cannot do something else at the same time.  Our loved ones are the most important reason for choice to be made.  I am not sure if I had the text in time if I would have picked going to my mom or staying with my husband to make sure he did not go over the edge.  When I apologized to my sister, I also told her that next time something must be done on such short notice, to call to make sure I knew about it and did not miss another important text. 


Thursday, August 1, 2019


Last Thursday husband and I went to my family home to deal with “my stuff”.  I knew that there should be certain things there that I wanted - not many - and I sort of figured that there would not be much more in the closet I had to go through.

A digression - yeah, I always do same, without labeling it - I am the oldest of 3 girls and there are big age jumps between us - 5 years to #2 and another 7 years to #3.  When my family bought the house I was 4 or 5 years old  - it was then built to order in a 1950s subdevelopment - and my sister #2 was born several months before we moved in.  The house as shown in the model house had 5 bedrooms - 2 regular and a master bedroom on one floor and another 2 bedrooms (and a 4th bathroom) on the floor above it.  The house is a split level so floors not on top of each other they alternate back and forth.  My parents did not need the extra 2 bedrooms or the 4th bathroom and wanted to save money, so that floor was not finished into rooms when we moved in.  I had one bedroom of the 2 regular ones and my sister #2 - baby in a crib - was put in the other one.  The house stayed with this layout and each of us in our bedrooms for about 7 or 8 years.  At that time sister #3 was born.  My parents idea was that they would now finish the upstairs and have a bedroom for me, an office for my dad, and the fourth bathroom up there.  Being only about 12 and not knowing that in the future I would love the idea of a bedroom so private, I refused to move up there and sleep alone.  So instead my parents made it into a second (larger) master bedroom.  Sister #2 moved into my bedroom.  Dad got an office in her old bedroom.  Sister #3 and I moved into the original master bedroom.  This worked great.  When sister #2 got married a year before I did over 10 years later, I left sister #3 with the original master bedroom and moved back to my original room - which by then had sister #2's furniture in it, except her desk, and I left my furniture with sister #3 = except for my desk.  The house arrangement remained the same after that until I married a year later and moved out and then sister #3 moved out some 10 years later when she was married.  So, the room I had to clear out was not filled with items from when I was a child, but rather items I had after college.  I took almost all of my stuff either when we were first married or 9 years later when we bought a house.  Just a cute story - I had picked this bedroom originally as the room in the model had a little rocking chair - no one told me that the house did not come with what was on display in it and I thought I would get the rocking chair - boy was I disappointed. 

So, back to clearing out the room.  I had expected to walk in and see my old bed and a room as I left it.  Hah!  Either my mom had turned it into a mess of a storage room or my sisters had been throwing stuff in there to decide what to do with as they have been there several times to work on clearing out the house. 

My desk was not there as I have it here and use it as my desk - and still hit my knee on the leg of it as I did when I was a child.  I looked at the dresser in the room and started opening drawers.  As I thought they were empty but with 2 exceptions.  When I was baby I had a dresser set (not a child’s set, a grown up person’s set).  It had 2 small china dishes and a china box with lid.  I have one of the dishes still on my dresser and thought the rest gone - I knew the box’s lid and the other dish were broken and presumed that I had forgotten about breaking the box - but there it was!!  And in it was my girl scout knife and a couple of other small items.  Took it and the contents to go through - the box will go back on my dresser.    In another drawer I found a small tack hammer and two small boxes of tacks - not mine and I left them. 

It was rather hot when we were there.  I had asked sister #2 - who is coordinating all of this as she seems to know what to do - in advance if the air conditioners were working - she said yes, but not well.  Husband put on same in the original master bedroom and the one in the dining room (covers same, living room and kitchen).  Not much cool.  So as I am working he is starting to get overhot.  I sent him to the dining room then to outside several times to cool off.

I should say at this point - this entire process would have been harder for me if not for Hurricane Sandy.  Most of our toys were in the basement.  If I had to decide which toys to take and which to donate or toss it would have been close to impossible.  Since mom’s basement was flooded in the Hurricane, everything down there had been tossed out - including her washer, dryer, furnace etc. (furnace was replaced, but she decided to go to a laundry for her clothes).  No more Barbies (I have one trunk of them I had brought here).  No more doll house that I got when I was 3 or 4.  No more games.  No more Bobbsey Twins, Honey Bunch, Nancy Drew, Dana Girls, etc books. 

I opened the closet door expecting a mostly empty closet - OH BOY.  I started taking stuff out.  I found a red looseleaf book that I had copied folk songs into while in high school - took as I hoped to find it.  I found love letters from husband - definite take.  I found 2 art projects from college - painting - took (I am not a good artist and it actually came out good), cut out initials - toss.  I had expected/hoped to find my dad’s army shirt - he had given it to me back in the late 1960s when “hippies” wore same - it had reproduced and I took both of them.  While I know that the rank and badges on them are not right, I figure one of the military museums might like and his name would go down in posterity (and my nephew had previously said the did not want same) so they were a definite take.  Some “awards” drawn by a friend who was editor in chief of our college yearbook (before I was) had been taped on the inside of the door - took the one I found - hope to find at least one more.

For a closet it was lacking in clothes.  As mentioned, my dad’s army shirts were in there.  There was a pink gown.  I took it out.  We looked at it and then at each other.  I was maid of honor at sister # 2's wedding  - I wore brown (the others wore orange - fat girls don’t wear orange).  I was not in my other sister’s wedding party - and did not buy a gown for same.  I had not worn a gown to the afternoon wedding of the sister of my old high school boyfriend.  What the heck was it for? It looked to be in good condition - I hung it over the top of the bedroom door and went on.  I found a sweater I bought in Mexico  - tossed it.  If husband was not there I would have put it in a donate bag - but he insisted it was not wearable.  I found a “genuine” 1960's/early 1970's peasant blouse - hung it over the bedroom door.  (Sister #2 has come across so much clothing from that period in the house that she plans to contact theatrical costume houses to see if they want them - she can add the blouse and gown.) My college house plan (similar to a sorority) windbreaker - took that.   I also hung a green jacket over the door - I have no idea whose it is, but it would not have fit me at 12 years old, let alone when I was grown. 

I found an assortment of papers I had written (brought them home to shred as my personal info on them).  I found needlework  - kits and almost finished.  Husband had me leave the 2 latch hook rugs - hooking finished, rug edges not finished there.  (If we go back and they are still there I will take them home - I decided I really want them.)  Two embroidery kits - not finished, I took.   One unstarted latch hook kit - left for donation or sale.

I also found a complete, unopened set of “spurtles”.  These were cooking utensils that a TV chef named Graham Kerr used.  We had apparently bought 2 sets - either to give the second set as gift or for when the others broke - they are still in great condition.  We opened the box and took the spurtles out and tossed the box. 

Then I hit the problem.  Apparently when we lived in our apartment we used this closet for storage of - yes - empty boxes.  Cabbage Patch Dolls, fancy teddy bears, etc - empty boxes - you know, because they will be worth a fortune one day.  I did not take the boxes - but since I had not thought that there would be this much stuff - I did not have enough garbage bags so the boxes had to stay for next time. 

I filled 3 large bags of garbage.  I could not put it out as there would be no pickup until the following Monday and the house is near an animal preserve and the animals come and go through the bags.  I left them in the living room - sisters would be there on the weekend to put it out.

There was a section of stuff still on the top shelf that was not boxes - but neither of us could reach them safely and husband was soaked through his shirt and we needed to leave.

Problem - I had not figured out how to pack the stuff we were taking in plastic bags and seal them without them coming into the house (that bed bug fear).  So I carried the stuff I was taking down to the front door and husband held a bag outside and little by little I filled 2 bags of stuff to take.  They are now in our garage - I will take it out a bit at time and heat it in our Packtite bedbug heater - just in case. 

I am missing an item I would like to have.  I embroidered a tablecloth while in high school.  When I got married I went looking for it - I could not find it.  I have looked a couple of times since.  I told both my sisters about it and asked that if they find it they save it for me.

As we were driving home husband commented on the lack of air conditioning in the house.  He had seen the one in the office (bedroom next to mine - remember?) but could not get to it as that room is completely filled.  I then remembered - there was one in my bedroom!  He insisted that there was none - unless it was removed and the wall fixed it should be there - not sure it works, but we will look next time we are there.

Sister #2 insists that we are almost done - I am not sure how - there is soooooo much there of mom’s..

One can go home again - but mostly to clear out home.  Why not post about your experience in something like this?

Thursday, July 25, 2019


Well we now both have working computers - yay! 

The fridge seems to be working - bigger yay!  Husband found out that the drawers at the bottom of fridge keep a more even temperature than the rest of the fridge.  After testing the temperature in same, we decided that the best place for his insulin in one of the drawers as the temperature in same seems to always be 36F or higher so that problem is resolved too.

Missed working with my sisters and their husbands at mom’s house again last weekend.  We had terribly hot weather here and I was “under” it.  My sister told me that they have gone through all but 3 rooms and 6 closets - not sure if that includes the room I have to go through as I left a lot of “stuff” in my old room.  I found out that the other day that “we” will having a tag sale.  Hmmm, I guess if I found stuff to donate it might be worth leaving it for the tag sale and  maybe I will add some of the stuff we need to get rid of in our house and the money from same when (if?) it sells can go towards mom’s living expenses while not costing us anything that we don’t have to give her.

I has been HOT here - over 100F one day and almost the same the day before.  Monday night there were major rain storms around the area - over several states. Husband was again demonstrating to me how wonderful having Roku is and that we can see every episode of “Midsummer Murders” from the start (we- mostly I - have only seen about 3 seasons as that is when I found the show) and we don’t have to watch it 3-5 am when it is on PBS we can see it any time.  Last week when he ran the second episode (had run the first one previously) it kept going out of sync and needing to be restarted. Monday the hottest of the days and at night was the huge thunderstorm.  We were watching episode 3 when it froze.  He kept trying to get it going.  Then something dawned on me - I turned on my cell phone and turned on the house wifi - nothing.  I switched the TV to the cable - nothing.  We had lost our Internet service - no cable, no computer Internet.  (We still have copper wire telephone service from old telephone company so same still worked.)  Husband was having a fit over no TV and no Internet.  I knew that at least we had electricity.  The TV came back gradually over several hours.  At first the broadcast channels were back.  Then the non-premium channels.  The cable company’s local news channel was not there - but husband found it on their local weather channel - how the heck can one channel from their studio work and not the other?  And shouldn’t their news channel at some point have mentioned - hey, we are on this other channel do an outage of our service - sorry - here is what is going on and which problems are where?  They did not even do so after the service was restored.  When the first channels were back, I went on my cell phone to see what had happened - just lots of people complaining that they had called to report the outage and find out what they could and got the message I did - “We are experiencing a large call volume.  Please contact us through our website.”  No website working of course!!

Today we went on a little trip.  (Oh, no, another of her nightmare trips.)  Our RV has two batteries (the type that are used in golf carts) which charge from the RV being driven, running the RV generator and/or plugging in the RV to electricity at home or at campground.  As I am pretty sure I mentioned our two had reached beyond the end of their lives.  We found a company in New Jersey that could order the batteries that husband had been told were the best to get for our RV and could install them.  We ordered the batteries last week - paying for the batteries themselves at that time by charge card over the phone.  They came in and we made an appointment to go to have them put in  - for this past Monday - the day of the storm.  On last Friday husband looked at the weather and saw the huge storms expected and told me to call and change the appointment to today (Wednesday).  Blew out my week - I had planned to go to my client this week either Tuesday or Thursday and could not wake up that early two days in a row.  I did so.  Good thing we did.  The area where the company is located was hit hard by the storm.  Parts of the area were still out today and the company was running on two generators. 

We (I) cleared out stuff where they might need to work - both halves of the bed were stacked on the base for husband’s side of the bed on each other.  (His side is longer than my side and they might have needed to access the cabinet under my bed.)  We figured out what we needed to bring.  Not having been to this place before and having looked at online maps and there was no place for lunch near by, we bought sliced deli turkey and made sandwiches last night and bagged them in a cold bag made for lunch with two cans of diet soda and plastic ice.  I emptied out my travel backpack.  (I use it when we go somewhere where we will not have easy access back to the RV or car if we use same instead during the day.  I put in what we might need based on where we go and what we do.)  I put the cold bag with our lunch in it.  I also added a package of saltine crackers as they work well for husband if he has a blood sugar low.  In our other cold bag I put some bottles of a sugar drink he uses if his blood sugar goes too low and I put that bag in the RV fridge - which we did not put on.  We had no idea if there was a place for us to wait while the work was done inside the building or if we would be sitting outside (in lesser, but still heat) on a curb waiting for it.  We were also not sure how long it would take for the work to be done as we knew that there was no way we would be there by 8:30 am as we just cannot get up early enough to get ready and drive at least 2 hours and be there by then. 

We got out this morning just ahead of our planned leaving time (okay - it was the same 8:30 am that it had been suggested we be there) and when husband went to back the RV out into the busy main street we live on it was actually empty on our side of the street long enough to pull out without waiting.  (I stand in the street with a walkie talkie and tell him when he can pull out - he pulls up next to the curb and I jump in and we go.)  As mentioned in past posts, what used to be a 45 minute drive to the bridge off the huge island we live on, can take 2 hours now.  We have found that leaving the house at 8:30 am seems to be the best time for us to leave - we are driving at the rear end of rush hour and by the time we reach the construction areas - they are just short of starting work. 

Drive was going pretty well and then the news announced that there had been a car fire on the bridge we had to take off the Island and traffic was bad.  OH (expletive deleted)!!  We figured we were in a mess for sure.   Husband asked me about alternatives.  I started thinking.  We are on the south end of the Island and therefore also the south end of Manhattan Island.  To get to “the main land” - mostly New Jersey we can take a bridge to Staten Island and then another bridge from there to New Jersey.  We can drive through one of several bridges or two tunnels into Manhattan and then go across same and go out through one of two tunnels to New Jersey - this would involve driving the large van that is our RV in crowded Manhattan streets and we cannot take a tunnel due to having propane in a tank in the RV.  So, we could get into Manhattan from where we were, but we would have to drive most of the length (south to north) of it to get to the George Washington Bridge.  We could go north on our Island on one road that we can go on (we are too tall for many limited access roads here) just at the start of the next (Queens) county/NYC line drive north to the Bronx - over a bridge - and then across the Bronx on a road that I have never seen or heard of not being stopped by traffic - and then into Manhattan (on a bridge) and then over the same George Washington Bridge to New Jersey.  An additional problem was the road we needed to use in New Jersey was only open to vehicles like ours for part of the way - no problem if we go by State Island, but if we go by the George Washington Bridge we have to figure an alternate way to drive south until we are near where we would get on the road if we went through Staten Island.  We decided to keep on the way we normally go as it was so much simpler and it would probably take more time to go north and then come back south again than deal with the delay. The car that had been on fire was in the opposite direction from the one we were going.  And the GPS traffic was not showing any drastic problems.

We figured that we would monitor the reports on the radio news channel we listen to as we went along and that, along with the traffic we hit would make our decision. But - today was the day that Robert Mueller was testifying at Congress and the radio station decided to run same instead of news and weather. The road was not as bad as usual.  The bridge barely had a slow down.  At 9:30 am I called the company and told them that we were on way and would be there in about an hour. 

When we got there we were very pleasantly surprised.  The building was large.  The employees very friendly and nice.  Robert had some info that the guys putting in the batteries needed to know and he gave it to the nice woman who wrote up the work order.  I took my back pack - with lunch and some paperwork (about the ordering of the batteries) I had in case we needed it out of the RV.  She wrote up the work order and then showed us what she called their “living room”.  There were sofas, a huge TV showing - of course - Robert Mueller testifying.  There was a man already there waiting for them to work on his car.  I sat down - backpack on an end table - and husband walked around their small shop area of stuff for RV s.  The man was very nice and we talked thorough out the time we were waiting.  (Found out that there was a TV remote and he had chosen the show - fine with us.)  I played solitaire on my cell phone.  I had also brought my old Palm Centro as it had different games I like to play in case I got bored with the solitaire I play.  The poor fellow was going to be there most of the day and have a huge bill when he was done.  (Not that our bill between the parts paid for and the work to be done was small.)  At one point the employee came out and asked him if he wanted to see local food place menus to order lunch as he would be there so long.  (Very nice of her to think of this.)  He offered it to us also, but I pointed at the backpack and we explained that we had brought lunch when we saw there was nothing near by.  Of course I needed a trip to the ladies room.  Very nice compared to most and especially to what I thought it might be based on other RV places. 

Our work was done by 1:30 pm and we paid for it and were off - with our lunch still uneaten.  We found out that the place still had not had their electricity restored and were running on 2 generators.  We had not even noticed a problem with same.  We were glad that they had been able to do the work under these conditions.

We have been in the general area before and had planned to hang around, have dinner in the area and then drive home - both because there is a chain buffet restaurant husband likes near there and to avoid being stuck in rush hour - which we would hit by the time we got back to Long Island.  We decided to go to a shopping mall and walk around - and we figured to eat lunch in their food court area.  As we were driving there we noticed soooo many stores that were dark and no cars in their parking lots as well as utility crews working.  I suggested to husband that since we would pass it, we should check that the buffet was open after the storm instead of spending time and then finding ourselves with a dinner problem.  Few cars outside it, but the lights were on and we saw people at tables.

Went to the mall and had lunch and walked around for over an hour.  Then we went to Barnes and Nobles and walked around.  Then we drove to a Walmart we knew about  - closer to the restaurant then the other two - and went there for a while.  Then dinner and home.    Coming home the upper level of the bridge was closed - we presume based on what we saw that they were still clearing the bridge from the accident or making repairs due to same.  It was the most traffic we had the entire trip. 

Although much of the day was wasted time as we did not want to come home and got stuck in traffic (and he REALLY likes that buffet) I don’t feel like we had a wasted day.  We had a lot of down time and actually I feel as if I had a chance for an enforced rest period today.  (He, on the other hand, was in a constant state of concern.)  Now that the batteries are replaced and new - he is worrying that the alternator is going bad or the “separator” is going bad.  (The same alternator charges both the car battery under the hood that most if not all cars have and the RV batteries.  The separator - surprise - keeps the RV and car batteries separated when same is going on - one is charged than when it is finished, the other is.


Sometimes things work out better than one thinks they will - but always make sure to plan for the problems that may arise.  Sometimes a chore that wastes a lot of time can bring some needed rest to you. 

Thursday, July 18, 2019


In preparing for the old refrigerator to leave and the new one to come in - the first time - we had to make room for the crew to bring the fridges through the house.  Being lazy - plus going away in the middle - we left the house as it was after the first new fridge - until the second one was here and installed.

I am not so much talking about moving clutter as moving furniture and household items in common usage.  We have a small house. The new fridges had to come in the front door go to the left into the living room, close the front door, then double back in the opposite direction into the dining room through a doorway.  We took the floor mats out of the front hall - put in living room.  We have a standing chest for our good silver/tableware  - it blocks the doorway into the dining room.  It had to be moved - which we did, moving it further into the dining room.  A wooden box with husband’s reenacting gun stuff that is kept under the silver chest also had to be moved into the room.  We set up in the dining room a table which we take when go to reenactments to set up some stuff we put out for education and sales at events to put stuff from the kitchen/fridge on.  So this gave a wide pathway through the dining room into the kitchen.  What is on your fridge?  We have 4 magnetic pockets on ours - one each with stuff to take when we go out, one with pencils and pens (and emery board) and one with papers which we need in the kitchen - maybe a dozen recipes or package instructions and other items.  Magnets that hold our keys - 2 each.  Magnetic calculator.  Decorative magnets which hold small items.  On the front of the fridge we added 2 years ago a large dry erase calendar - we use it to keep track of TV shows we want to watch since seasons no longer run as long as they used to - held on with magnets.  Much of this went onto the table we set up in the dining room - the small magnets and the, oh, forgot to mention, the clippers I keep on the side of the fridge near the stove, held with magnets and potholders hanging on magnets went into a plastic basket that is normally next to the silver chest in the dining room - it normally holds items we have bought or received in the mail that we are concerned may have bed bugs and we need to heat in our Packtite heater until we have enough items to run it - this basket went into our studio behind the office with the magnets in it, and during the following week the items we wanted to heat were added.  (Doing laundry and running the Packtite as I write to you.) The food that did not actually need to be in a fridge - soda, condiments, beer (hey, we did not even know we had beer), and the like took over the one open kitchen counter area.  Our kitchen chairs were in the back room during the time(s) they were actually moving the fridges.  Things were so confused that the first time I went to cook after all this, I stuck my hand out (by habit) to grab a potholder - and there were not only no potholders - but no hook for them either and I could not for the life of me remember where they all went.  (I used a kitchen towel as a pot holder.)  If I had to write something down no pen or pencil, no paper?)  Leaving the house - where the heck are our keys?  A couple of days after the second fridge was put in place and we knew it was staying we started putting stuff back.  We also were adding back the soda, condiments, and such to the fridge - a little bit at a time to keep the temperature in the fridge from going up.  I filled plastic bottles with water.  It is recommended that the fridge be kept half full and we generally don’t have that much in it - and certainly we don’t now.  So bottles filled with water are going in.  We found out that the drawers stay a little warmer than the rest of the fridge, so husband’s insulin pens will go in there as too cold is more of a problem than them being a bit warmer than the food needs to be. 

Then it hit us.  Our reenactment unit’s big event at our headquarters would be on Sunday (this past).  We needed the table we had set up.  We needed access to 2 large box/benches that we bring for storage - and where the heck are the folding seats we have we bring with us?  So we did a lot of putting back quickly - the silver chest and goes under it, as well as what was on the table.  We broke down the table- the legs unscrew - and put the legs together in their carrier.  We took out the box benches to the middle of the room so I could sort through - make sure we had what we needed for this event and not bring things we did not - this including checking that we had money for change if we sold anything and setting my embroidery so I could work on the area I intended to stitch without taking out anything modern.  Husband packed a small loom he was taking with what he needed to work with it at the event.  This all went out into our van on last Friday - Saturday was to be rain and we did not want to load it all in the rain if we could avoid it.  Event went extremely well - hot day, but bearable, good sized crowd - no rain.  Everything from the event is back in place in the house.

Yesterday we went and visited my mom.  She has moved into what is called the “assisted living” building at the facility she has been in.  My sister’s plan had been for mom to go to same for a few weeks so mom would realize that she cannot be home alone and then move mom home with her and then into an apartment with aides.  Mom has liked it here so much that as of now we plan for to stay as long as the money can be found for her to do so.  (It is not cheap.)  It is the same group/agency as the one that runs the physical rehab she was in and it seems a wonderful place.  We had not visited since her move to assisted living until yesterday.  She has a small apartment - tiny main room with microwave and fridge and kitchen cabinets (no stove).  It is set up to put one’s own TV and attach to the cable.  It comes with a love seat and chair, as well as table and 2 chairs.  (My sister plans to bring the living room chairs from mom’s house and get her a drop leaf table.)  There is a good sized bedroom for one it is - another TV cable connection in same - she has a small TV for right now.  The bathroom has a walk in - no lip shower and seat to use in same.  Very nice, very modern, and housekeeping will keep it clean for her.  She has a key and locks the apartment when she leaves.  There are pull strings in case of emergency to get help.  Talk about an efficient setup that is nice.  Her meals are included so the cooking/fridge are just extra or if she wants to cook for herself.  The breakfast is served too early for her and instead they bring cold cereal and muffin for breakfast to her apartment.  There are trips - including shopping and entertainment trips that one can sign up for.  They will take her to the doctor.  Of course, she can go out with us whenever she wants and I am pretty sure she could call an Uber, Lyft or cab to go out if she wanted. Movies in a theater twice every day.  Other programs are in a large space which also functions for religious services.  My sister has decorating plans for it for mom with items from the house.  Husband and I were highly impressed. The halls look like one is in a hotel.  We were very impressed.  She has made friends already which is good as before she sat home alone.  The apartment is a model of efficiency and organization.

On the other hand the family now has to go through the house and deal with everything in it.  My sisters, their husbands and the adult children of one of them started last weekend.  (We couldn’t go as we were at the reenactment event.  I have to clear out the stuff left in the last bedroom I used in the house (and maybe in the other bedroom I used for awhile) and help with the rest of the house.  Since the house was hit by Hurricane Sandy the basement is empty.  I am actually glad of same now, as the toys down there would have been the hardest to go through and get rid of it.  I am not sure what is still in my old bedroom, but I think I can deal with it okay.  I let my sisters know that I embroidered a tablecloth when in high school and when I got married I could not find it  - I gave a description and told them that if they came across it to hold onto it for me.  I am lucky that one of my sisters has a plan for items that are not toss, donate or take - but try to sell as they are of value and will follow her suggestions.

Today the monitor we ordered for me came in.  I like it much better than the one we bought quickly at Walmart - it is squarer (more similar to my old one) and it can be turned vertical for when I am reading pages so I can see the full page.  We are not sure we may return the one we had bought for me or we may keep it in case we have another problem like this and need a spare monitor that is easy to move around. 

So last night - husband’s computer started shutting itself down while he was working on it.  We spent most of this afternoon pulling it out from under his work table, clearing off a space on the top of one file cabinets for it stay now.  We opened it and vacuumed it out.  (He read that too much dust in it would make it overheat and shut down.)  We then rewired everything so instead of connecting to the computer on the right side of his desk on the floor, it does on the left hand side of his desk on the file cabinet.  We may be getting rid of a printer that is rarely used and was where the computer now is.  Some small items have to be rearranged - including a label maker that may end up on top of our secondary printer and then be moved when that printer is needed.

Weather is very hot - over 91F today - and humid (thunderstorm tonight), plus everything we had to do - and I never even checked email yesterday - so we stopped at the supermarket while we were out and bought sliced deli turkey for us and potato salad for husband - added to bread in the house and turkey gravy we bought yesterday made a quick relatively cool dinner.  We normally have soup with dinner, but skipped it tonight.


Oh, so many this week -

Make dinner quick and easy, even if it costs more than normal dinner, when you need to.

Just because a facility is a care facility does not mean that it cannot be nice.  (Oh, I forgot, mom had her hair cut and dyed today - first time in year.  She looks 20 years younger than she did before - she is 90, but to be honest, husband and I both liked her hair better how it was.)  One has to be open to what help one needs as hard as it is to admit to needing it and moving to have the help.

Keep your computer clean - outside and inside.

Hurricanes have a good side - I hate to think what it would take to go through the basement and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. 

Thursday, July 11, 2019


We arrived home last Friday night - much earlier in the evening than usual.  It was a combination of exhaustion, the heat, possibility of heavy rain later in the evening, and knowing that we might have to be up and about early on Saturday for the delivery of our new refrigerator.  Normally no matter how late it is when we arrive home we clear out all - or just about all - of the stuff in the RV.  This time we only brought in what we needed to have for the night and Saturday morning.  We did not want more stuff in the house - which was still discombobulated from when the new fridge had been delivered the week before.  There was no computer phone call with the time that the delivery would be made the next day as we were suppose to receive and had received the night before the first refrigerator was received.  Knowing that the crew also calls about half an hour before they actually come, we went to bed expecting a call the next day. 

I was woken by someone ringing our doorbell and pounding on the door at 7:30 am.  I was unsure if it was the delivery as no one had called and was physically too exhausted to get up and look out the window.  At 9:30 am my alarm went off. I telephoned the store and was told that I was not on the delivery list for the day.  (Glad I didn’t force myself out of bed at 7:30.)  The delivery manager who told me this seemed to have no memory of who we were and what was going on.  He put me through to the appliance manager.  She remembered us, but it was as if we had not been told the week before that it would be delivered on Saturday - the day I was calling her.  She told me that she had the fridge and it would be delivered the next day - Sunday.  (Quite frankly we were surprised that they deliver on Saturday or Sunday - it used to be week days only.)

The time frame for the first refrigerator to be delivered was 11:30 am to 4:30 pm. We figured that there was a delivery time which ended at 11:30 am and one that started at 4:30 pm. We were called and told that the time range was 12 pm to 5 pm.  Lunch was problematic - there was food in the basement freezer and some packaged food in the house - but we had not had a properly working fridge in over a week and a half and did not really have food in the house for the lunch, but we figured we could hold out  - and what were the chances we would be one of the last deliveries of the time frame? 

We woke up before noon and dressed and went into our home office to work on our computers, sort mail that arrived while we were away, catch up email etc.  Around 3:00 husband said that he really needed to eat something as his blood sugar had dropped.  Crackers were not enough - so I made him a can of pea soup.  I had a small individual applesauce.  We went back upstairs.  Now, I did get work done - I managed to transfer files to a DVD for my annual archiving of last year, caught up on email, etc.  At 4:00 the phone rang.  It was the delivery company’s computer again - delivery was now to be 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm! 

I telephoned the store - they had the same info, but they did give me a phone number for the delivery company.  I called same - 3 times as the first two times I was dropped off hold.  I got a nice woman named Becky.  I explained that entire saga- damaged refrigerator delivered, having to wait a week for a replacement, delivery not set up for the day before as we would be told, the change in time at the last minute, we are both Diabetics and have not eaten and are becoming ill...  She went and checked.  There had been a problem on an earlier delivery that set the crew back 90 minutes!  She also told me that there were 4 deliveries ahead of us so it would be an hour to an hour and a half before they came and we should be able to go out and eat something.  I thanked her.

We did not go out for lunch as we did not trust doing so.  Glad we did not.  We received a call around 5 pm that they would be here within half an hour.  Husband went outside to wait.  Good thing.  The numbering is odd on the houses here plus depending on the GPS it can show us up the street or about 5 + blocks of where we are.  Husband saw a truck stop about 2 houses up the street from us with the men in the truck looking confused and he waved them over. 

As opposed to the first crew which was just the other side of perfunctory - meaning a little short of same - this was the type of the delivery we expected (other than the time problem).  Two friendly delivery men. Robert had explained to them that they were taking back the same model that we had recently received because of damage.  They came in and measured the doors again.  (The last one came in, so this one had to - they were twins.)  The one in charge looked at the damage and shook his head that it had been delivered like that. They took the old one out.  They unpacked the new one.  The one in charge called husband over - there was a scratch in the freezer door of the new one - he and we had the same idea - the freezer doors were switched.  They brought the new fridge in.  They removed the plastic wrapping from it.  It was plugged in so all knew it was working.  They saw that it was not level and leveled it.  (The prior crew had told us it could not be leveled when we asked them to do so.)  They did not set up the inside, but I had been told by the manager that they are not suppose to do so.  If this crew had come with the original fridge and same had not been damaged and had worked right - I would be just as happy with this store as I was after I bought a washing machine from them.  (Which is why we bought from them again.)  We tipped the two men - husband is not one to tip for deliveries and such, but we agreed that they did that good a job - especially compared to the last crew.  After delivery and setup the fridge is suppose to sit set at the middle range for 24 hours without opening and closing the door or putting any food in it.  We shut it off and set up the shelves inside, put in the remote thermometer and shut the door.  We went out for a much needed dinner at the Asian buffet we go to.

It is more or less working properly.  Apparently it is suppose to go up and down more than our older fridge to keep the proper temperature - although not as much as the first one did.  It is also suppose to do so less after it is filled - it is suppose to be at least half filled and food added a little at a time.  We have put a lot of bottles of water (made by us, not commercial) in it to add food to it as we have not yet been food shopping and even then, do not have a lot of food in the fridge at any one time in hot weather (in case storm takes down the electricity), and not that much in the winter either other than at certain times as there are only two of us.

So Monday afternoon after picking up the mail at our box - from over a week - and lunch out at Wendys, we came home and I was ready to start catching up on work at my computer.  Our bank statements, as well as those for our business and for the two clubs of which I am treasurer had all come in and I planned to work on them.  ( I had caught up on email on Sunday while we waited for the delivery.)

I turned on my computer.  Some message went past too quickly for me to read.  I then tried to go to the Win XP virtual machine in my computer to catch up and sync my Organizer entries in my old Palm Centro with Organizer - but the computer would not switch to the XP side.  Husband came to figure it out.  Unfortunately I have been having problems with my old, analog monitor recently and it decided to die in the middle of this.  We managed to turn my computer sideways and hook it up to the monitor from husband’s second computer - hanging on the wall on his side of the office.  He fixed the computer problem.

He had been looking for a new monitor for me.  I really did not want a digital one, but that it is all there is.  The big problem was that unless we were going to rearrange a good part of the office, I needed a small monitor - about 18 inches across - or it would not fit.  There were two candidates he had found.  One was Walmart and one was from Staples - but the latter had to be ordered.  So Walmart it was.  We went in to a local Walmart.  We found the monitor we had been looking at - on our trip last week we actually had a chance to see it running and it looked okay.  We also found one that he had not seen anything about that was smaller.  He looked it up online on his cell phone - well rated and only US$60 (plus sales tax).  We decided to go with same.  It could be returned and at that price if we decided that I should have the other monitor (it can be turned vertically which might be good for me when reading full page things such as IRS manuals), this was cheap enough to keep as a spare emergency monitor around the house.  We took it to the electronics desk - it was $90?  Husband pointed out that it was $60 online - we were told that we had to ask for a price match (to Walmart’s own online price).  He walked away in reference to a call he had taken.  Husband checked and he told him that we should take it to customer service and buy it there, asking for the price match.

This Walmart is in the middle of being updated.  The entry now has a gate that when closed only lets one into the store, not out, and when open bings when one someone walks out.  Plus there is a security device on the box - how do we get to the service desk - without security descending on us?  He decided that he would stay inside of the entrance and I should go out, get in line and explain and ask what to do.  I walked over to the first register aisle (empty of customers) and walked out and got on the service line.  I was 3rd in line.  But there were problems with everyone ahead of us.  Finally after he watched people walk out the entrance, set off the alarm, and have nothing happen, he met me at the line.  We bought it for the online price and started home. 

My old monitor sat on a small plastic shelf, which I do not want to get rid of.  (I keep my 2 external hard drives for backup under it, as well as it having sections to hold both kinds of paper clips, pencils, pens, etc. ) Apparently the old monitor bent the shelf and the new monitor rocked.  We finally got it balanced and working.  I then ran to cook dinner and add some items to the refrigerator after shutting off the computer.

Yesterday, Tuesday, we finally went for our annual eye exams.  We were due last November - back when husband’s shoulder was in pain and we could not go that far.  Since then this and that has happened, so it took until now.  (All was good at the appointment - thank you for asking.)  We drove home afterwards despite the drops in our eyes. 

On arriving home I helped husband set up our portal air conditioner in the living room so he could finish a weaving project on his loom and went upstairs to try to catch up on computer - and pay a bill.  I had trouble seeing anything on the screen - it all seemed overwhelming (husband had changed the settings to make the icons larger - something I really did not need or want).  Colors were too bright.  The white was too bright.  I figured it was all related to the eye drops.  I managed to work around it - checked email - first time since Sunday, paid the bill, etc.  Husband later changed the icon settings back for me.

So today when we came home from a couple of errands I was ready to go to work on my computer and get work done.  It was still too bright - the white too bright, the colors too bold - and I am talking about type - not pictures.  I ended up switching to my distance glasses (normally use reading glasses - as I am doing now with my laptop - when working on the computer) and pushing my seat back as far as my arms could reach.  He spent a good deal of time - dinner was late tonight - trying to get to the colors and white so that they are not too bright/bold for me, but not so that the white is grey either.  Not sure if he/we are done with it with yet.

And he does not understand why I say - change is never good.


For some reason change is easier for some people.  There are people who look forward to something new - new clothes, new car, new computer, new household appliance, new house, going someplace new on a trip.  Are you one of them?  Or are you like me - someone who wants everything to stay as it is and has trouble adjusting to change?

Thursday, July 4, 2019


Well,, they delivered the new refrigerator on Friday. We had to set up the inside of the fridge “we don’t do that”.  I asked to have it leveled as it was to the eye extremely out of level.  When I put a small jar in it, it rolled quickly to the back of the fridge.  “It cannot be leveled.  The only way to do so is to remove the feet and then it will be sitting only on it’s wheels and when you try to open the door, it will roll instead of opening.  Husband leveled it after the crew left.    I telephoned the store shortly after the delivery crew left - we had found 3 big black lines on the front of it - not the door, the fridge itself.  The delivery manager was not there - apparently he left for the day before 3 pm - and I was told that he would telephone me back - “first thing in the morning”. 

During the evening and overnight we were checking the temperature in the fridge with a remote read thermometer.  It would suddenly jump to 45 degrees Farenheit, then drop to 32 (freezing) in the fridge.  There seemed to be no way to adjust this huge variance in temperature to below what husband’s insulin can be stored at and to over the maximum temperature food can safely be stored at. 

I waited until 9:30 am the next day and then called the manager as he had not called me.  He did not seem to know anything about my call.  He apologized as I explained the original problem, our dissatisfaction with the delivery, and that the temperature varied so greatly - continually.  Husband had checked and this - and most - refrigerators are suppose to have a temperature range of 34 to 44 degrees F.  He also told me that the delivery crew is only suppose to bring in the fridge, put on the doors, plug it in, turn it on - and level it.  Anything else we had to do.  Nice of them to tell us this when we bought it - if my 90 year old mom had it delivered she would not be able to deal with setting up the inside and would not be able to use the fridge until one of us came over and set it up for her - I am sure many other people would have similar problems.  I told him that they refused to level it - and the story about how it could not be leveled.  As to the problems with the refrigerator itself, he would exchange it, but they were out of that model.  I asked why they could not get one from one of the local locations of their store (a major national chain) - “it doesn’t work like that” was his reply.  I could have another one of this model delivered in a week - a week?!  He checked with his appliance manager and she had the other two models (from other companies) in stock and we could get one of those delivered.  Since neither of them had been acceptable - which is how we picked this one - we had to go in and remind ourselves of what we found to be problematic with the others.  We dressed and went in to the store.  After looking at the other 2 models again - neither would work (including that one of them was too tall).  So, we have to deal with this one for a week. We left the RV plugged in and its refrigerator running.  Coincidentally, we were going away this week, so we were only home until Tuesday morning, making dealing with this fridge a little easier.   

Monday night we emptied the RV fridge and unplugged the RV.  Biggest problem was husband’s insulin.  He gets them in what are called pens - they look like big pens.  He puts a new needle on the pen each time he uses it.  The insulin pens cannot go below 36 or above 46 in temperature when they have not yet been used.  Once they are used they do not go back in the fridge and can go to a higher temperature.  They can be at the higher temperature for 42 days maximum.  I figured that 2 pens left in the box plus the one already in use would be used in less than 39 days - so the pens are out of the fridge.  We then packed the RV with everything needed for the trip.

Tuesday we added the last items, turned on the RV battery and started the RV fridge.  Problem was that the light that shows that there is enough electricity in the battery showed that there was not enough.  After debate about canceling the trip - and we would be out the amount paid for the RV park site - I suggested that we go ahead going on the trip.  It was Tuesday and we were going to a farmer’s market during the day and we had planned to go a local major crafts festival that we go to annually on Wednesday. I pointed out to him that we could drive down, stay overnight and if the batteries were still not charging, come home on Wednesday and we would have gone to 2 places we were looking forward.  With the RV battery off we started on our trip.  When we were in NJ we stopped at the first rest area and checked that the batteries were being charged.  They were. 
Why did we have this problem?  First, the batteries are beyond the normal life - they need to be replaced  - between buying them and having them installed it will cost over $1000 and we keep putting it off.  Second - apparently running the RV’s electrical system on our home electric system at 20 amps does not have enough “juice” to recharge the batteries and to also run the RV fridge. 

We kept the fridge off until after we plugged in to the electricity (30 amp) at the RV park at night - warm soda.  Today when we out we again shut off the fridge to let it keep charging.  On our return tonight we again turned it on after plugging in.  Since tomorrow we will be in and driving around, we will live the fridge on and probably do so again on Friday when we go to a different farmer’s market and then drive home.

Yes, we will get home extremely late Friday night - really extremely early Saturday am - and then have the new fridge for the house delivered on Saturday - with the possibility of a very early am delivery.

So, early last week we were getting up, going down, and checking the temperature in the RV overnight after going to bed.  Wednesday night I had 3 hours sleep as I woke up early for work.  Thursday night we kept waking up in anticipation of the delivery coming.  Friday night I was up all night checking the temperature of the fridge - I slept an hour and a half in 3 separate half hour naps.  I was up early in the morning waiting for the call from the delivery manager and then making the call to him instead. Saturday night we continued to wake up all night to check the temperature in the fridge.  Sunday night I went to bed and had trouble falling asleep.  Monday night we went to bed after finishing packing and the woke up 3 hours after I fell asleep to go on the trip.  Today, Wednesday, we woke early to go to the crafts festival - so 4 hours sleep for me.  Friday we have to again wake early (for us) as we have to dump the dirty water tanks and be out of the site we are in by 11 am.  Then, anticipating the delivery on Saturday I probably won’t sleep - plus we have to unload at least part of the stuff from the RV when we get home, and possibly need to wake up as early 7 am for the new delivery.  This all works out to about 2 full nights of sleep over the week and a half that this is going on.  I hope husband plans to sleep in a bit tomorrow.

In addition our house is in a state of disarray. In order to clear room for the refrigerator to be brought in and placed in placed, we had to move things in our front hall (into the living room) the dining room, and the kitchen.  Part of this went into our studio behind the kitchen.  I have not been able to find even a pen and paper at times as nothing is where it belongs.         

Oh, and I tripped and turned my foot on my way home from work last Thursday - luckily that was the only injury from the fall and the foot felt better the next day.


Some matters take much more time to resolve due to the problems that arise in dealing with it - and with life.   If needed a quick cry - and then hopefully a hug from one’s significant other - then same cries and you hug them.  That is life. 

Hopefully the new refrigerator will work properly.

For those in the US  - Happy 4th of July.THE REFIR