Thursday, July 13, 2017


It is amazing how much one (or at least I) become dependant on electronics to keep one organized.  The changeover in my cell phone has consumed a lot of my time and is not yet finished.  In addition I have been losing touch with many things that needed to be done as my concentration is elsewhere - ie. the new phone.

I have been copying (and pasting) contacts into the new setup based on immediate/upcoming need.  That means - immediate family, doctors, and insurance companies went in first along with the presidents of the 2 clubs we belong to.  I am now in the midst of copying all the contact information for those in our reenactment unit as we have an event coming up this weekend.  I have at least two listings for members (well, family units of members as we have couples, families, singles and married people who belong, but their spouse/family does not) as we ask members for an emergency number as we had a member get injured at an event and we realized that if he had not been married, we would not known who to call to let them know.  We do have a cooking fire and the guys are firing flintlock guns plus a reproduction cannon so the possibility for injury exists.  I have made my way all the way through the “P’s” of the membership list plus some needed non-member contact information.  I hope to have all related to the unit in the new phone by the time we go to the event this weekend.

While away last week we found a plastic case for the back of the phone - only one vendor had any out of all of the stores and markets we have been to.  When we returned we ordered a glass protector for the front.  We are both rather nervous about putting it on.  The protector (actually two of them) arrived today.  It looks too small for the phone - which is odd as it seems to be the smallest android phone made.  Husband contacted the manufacturer who thinks it might be too big for the phone - huh?  When we were looking at phones and husband found this one - size is important and it was the smallest one he found with good reviews - I asked him “Is this a common enough phone that when we go to the farmers markets in Pennsylvania we will be able to easily get a back case and glass protector?”  He told me yes.  Apparently not.  We also picked up last week, at one of the markets, a generic cell phone case as the one I was using was a bit tight on the phone - it was from old one which is about 3/4 the size of this one. It feels much bigger in my pocket and I have had to rearrange everything in the pocket - and move something to the other pocket as well.  When we finally get the glass protector on - if we do - I will make a lighter, smaller case of felt for it. 

But in concentrating on the phone things are slipping through my fingers.  While away I received an email from the regional treasurer of my embroidery group.  She wanted to know if I had received a check she had mailed to me.  I replied that I had received the check.  I remembered I had although I could not find the email I remember sending her when it arrived, I did find the email to the chapter board telling them about it.  I also remember depositing the check and told her I had done so.  When we returned home I went to look for the original email I had sent to her and found it. I looked for the deposit slip for the check and could not find it. Nor was it recorded in the checkbook.  Nor was there a computer scan of the deposit (which I do now as printed deposit slips don’t show the entire account number - just in case).  I also could not find the check.  I had a day of panic over this before finding the check.  I sent an email explaining (and why I was in such a state of disorganization) and that the check had not been deposited, but would be this week. Deposit slip has been made and scanned and is in the “banking” envelope to go to the bank.

In the mail when we returned home was an envelope with receipts from a member of our reenacting unit for me to reimburse him for purchase for the unit.  I put it on my desk to pay and also sent him an email to let him know I will bring it to the event this coming weekend. 

But then I remembered.  The fellow who does the cooking for the unit gave me receipts for his purchases for the food he cooked at the last event.  I told him I would send him a check.  But the day after the phone switch occurred.  I would normally run the receipts through the suitcase heater as they came from someone’s house.  I looked in my Organizer and saw that I ran a heating later in the week after I went to the embroidery guild meeting - the receipts from him, as well as papers I had written notes on, should have been included in that heating.  I cannot find my notes either.

I have one place left to look - in our van which we used for the event - but the van is at the service station for state inspection tomorrow.  If I do not find the papers there, I will have to apologize to the fellow and ask him for an estimate of what I owe him.  (If I find the papers I will email an apology for the lateness of the payment.) Either way I will write the check for him and bring to the event this weekend. 

I do not like making errors with finances - our own and even more so with other people’s money.  I am very upset with myself that a simple thing that most people would think nothing of, getting a new cell phone, would be this upsetting and disorganizing.  I hate having to admit to errors when dealing with other people’s money as it makes me feel that they will think me untrustworthy. 


We all have times when we loose our sense of direction (in this case organization). We have to be truthful about errors that result or cause the loss of direction and do our best to correct the situations which result and make amends to correct the situations.  We can then start anew and try to make sure that we are more careful in the future.


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