Thursday, August 10, 2017


This week back to a bit more normal organizing - instead of our weird adventures.

First of all, we bought and I have been using a new dish rack instead of using the dead dishwasher as a rack.  It is actually smaller than my old rack and I have trouble fitting in the dishes and pots from dinner and must store them away before I wash the items from night snack - well, at least it makes me put everything away. 

Now -school supplies.  I think I have mentioned before my love of office supplies - as a child I played with my dad’s supplies in his office and I am always looking at them for ideas of what to do with them.  I was also a strange child who actually loved going to school and the new supplies for the year were exciting.

You are thinking - I don’t need school supplies, so I will skip this post - don’t!  You may need school supplies and not realize it.  I know our purpose is to get rid of stuff - not buy stuff, but sometimes school/office supplies can help us organize.

We are in school supply season (at least in the U.S.) and the stores are all competing for business so there are very good prices on the supplies.  A wonderful time to stock up on needed supplies.

Our reenacting unit had to move out of our headquarters for a good part of a year.  When we move back our modern space in the back was disorganized and simple supplies lacking.  When school supply season rolled around I bought a package of pens, one of pencils, a clip board that opened for storage, a large pad of lined paper (now we were set to pass around a paper each meeting for attendance, as well as additional ones for lists of who is coming to which event), scissors, tape, glue, ruler, marker pen, small box to keep it all in and a second box in another color to put sewing supplies in (they had been in a small open basket before in a file cabinet).  Now we are set for whatever we need - a sign for the door saying “use the front door” or “keep this door closed” no problem, someone needs to take minutes as the secretary is not there - plenty of paper and pens, and so on.

So think about it.  Do you journal your organizing efforts in a notebook?  If you think you will need a notebook before next year, now is a great time to get it cheaper.  If you can never find a pen or pencil - a package is cheap to buy now - put pens and/or pencils around the house where you always need them and can’t find them.  Scissors also inexpensive.  If you sew and fly and have a problem with pointed scissors when flying - I bought Fiskars blunt tip scissors (even have a cover for the tip) which are nice and sharp for cutting, but blunt ended to take on planes (or in my case to jury duty) - best price of the year right now on them.  Folders for filing what you sort - even in colors.  Pocket folders for papers you need to bring places. (I have one for my papers to take to our reenactment unit meetings and one in a different color for same for my embroidery chapter meetings.)  Small plastic boxes for storage.  Backpacks.  Great time to stock up.

But now, remember, don’t buy more than you will need - this time will come again next year.  Also it is important to set a place for the spares to be kept so that you can find them when you need them.

We had a small month calendar on our fridge for TV shows.  Husband made it on the printer and sealed it in plastic sheets.  He has been using it as a “white board”.  It is hard to fit the info in the small squares and the ink is hard to get off of it.  I saw in with the school supplies a larger wall calendar which is a white board.  It said that it was magnetic - which I took to mean it would stick to the fridge.  No, it meant that one could put magnets on it.  Husband was intrigued by the idea and we bought one to see if we could put it on the fridge.  We did so.  There are 5 weeks on it - we set the first week as 8:00 pm, the next as 8:30, next 9:00, next 9:30 and the last 10 pm (rarely half hour shows at 10 or 10:30 pm).  Since the shows no longer run a full season, we list what is on and we would like to see. Petty idea I know.  But what could you use a large calendar which can be erased for?  It is actually made to hang on a wall with included hangers so don’t think it has to go on the fridge.  (We glued washers to the back and then put heavy duty magnets on same - but even then we needed to put a string around the sawteeth it was suppose to hang from and then around two magnet hooks on the fridge.) 

That reminds me of another great office supply - but it probably is not on sale.  We have a labeling machine.  It prints small plastic labels.  Labeling is good and helps one to find things easier. In our case it from Brother, but there are several companies which make them.  Husband printed the times for each set of boxes small and put it on a tiny thin magnet and put it on the board to make it easier to see what time something is on.  But since labeling things is a great way to keep track of what there is and which box, can, etc. is which - these labels are wonderful.  They even come off of many surfaces cleanly.  I label the various stick flash drives I use for data with them.   I put them on DVDs/CDs to know what is on the disk.  If it is a reuseable disk, when I delete it to reuse, I take the old label off.  My husband (since the time of floppy disks, through zip disks to stick flash drives) does not label his.  He “knows” which is which - the green one over there is “X”, the red one over there is “Y” and so on.  Generally he has no idea which is which and has to sit and stick each one in his computer until he finds the one he is looking for - if he does.   Boxes of craft supplies when labeled are easy to find the supply one is looking for  - ribbons, buttons, pompoms?  Easy to find when the box says what it is in it.

Of course, for cardboard boxes - marking pens work great for labeling also. 


Supplies to make organizing easier are good to have - but don’t go crazy buying “more stuff”, buy what will be of help to YOU.  Make sure you have a place to keep what you buy so that you will be able to find it as it is needed. 

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