Thursday, August 3, 2017


Last Saturday we actually got away for the day - despite prior weather reports of heavy rain Friday and Saturday.  (We did not go Friday due to the heavy rain, but it cleared up for Saturday.  Nice day for an outdoor event.  It was a reenacting market - we didn’t buy anything, but it is always nice to look.  The fair was near Allentown, PA and then we drove down to Lancaster for dinner and then home. 

This week I looked forward to a quite week.  Nothing other than ordinary household chores to do.  Start of month is always quiet for bills and such.  Then heck broke loose.
On Monday, we found out a friend’s mom died. Wake was yesterday and today.  Funeral tomorrow.  We went to the wake today, and I thought we should go to the funeral, but we cannot.

Due to trips and when money is coming in to our bank for bills from third parties, we have been off our normal banking schedule.  I have to be careful as we can only make 6 transfers/withdrawal a month from savings.  (I keep the money in savings for the small amount of interest it earns and normally transfer to checking on Friday what is needed for the coming week.)  In addition husband has some IRA CDs coming due on Friday and we need to rearrange how long money will be in new CDs.  So Monday we went to the bank.  The idea was that we would tell them what to do with the CDs when they come due (something I have done at our main bank - they take the information and put it into their “tickeler” file and take care of it on the day it needs to be done), as well as make a deposit for our reenactment unit and activate my ATM card for same - I am the treasurer.  We made the deposit.  The ATM machine was down.  After a 40 minute wait we found out that they cannot take the info at the branch in advance for the CDs.  We then went to the bank my embroidery chapter has its accounts at, and made a deposit for them.  Afternoon gone.

Tuesday we went to our regular bank to transfer money as money came in from sources then - had to pay the real estate taxes - they went out in the mail same day as did a couple of smaller bills.

Husband has had tooth that has been loose for awhile and he has been waiting for it to fall out on its own.  It reached the point where it still will not come out.  It moves too much.  It hurts.  His dental partial plate is shifting with the tooth and hurting his gum.  So Tuesday morning I called the dentist - no appointments until Thursday (closed Wednesday) so he has been miserable and we will be going to the dentist tomorrow.  So we won’t be going to friend’s mom’s funeral.  We may need to go a second dentist as our regular one does not do extractions and if the tooth does not come out when he takes the impression, it has to come out - we hate to spend the money on same when the tooth is so loose.  We have been having a lot of soft food this week. He only wanted a “little bit of spaghetti when I made for me”.  Somehow I managed to make twice as much as normal instead of only 3/4 as much!  We have cold spaghetti in the refrigerator to use as needed.
President of my embroidery chapter wants to meet - at my house - to go over changes to two items I am writing for the chapter.  We don’t let anyone in the house since the bedbugs and I am trying to find when and where we can meet.  I explained about the horrors of what is going on this week and suggested that if she has her copy of the original examples and her notes and I have my copy of the original examples  - can we do it on the phone?  So after we come back from the dentist I have to call her with my copies out and see what she wants done - presuming I can do it.

Then Friday we have to go back to the bank and deal with the IRA CDs.  The bank has a tiny parking lot and we try not to go there on Fridays when it is busy, but have no choice.

How did a week so empty fill up so fast and so completely?

I have been changing some things in the house.  After we had mice a few years ago husband did not want me drying dishes in the rack on the counter.  When the dishwasher died, I started drying the dishes in same.  We plan to buy a new dishwasher, but it is expensive, the one I liked (which was rated so poorly we decided not to buy it) along with the concept of washing dishes automatically for 2 hours instead of washing them by hand in the same 15 minutes it takes to load the dishwasher, seems a waste of electricity.  So I have been washing the dishes (and pots and such) by hand since then.  Husband is not happy as I have to clean the dishwasher periodically as water is dripping in it.  (He would love for me to buy a dishwasher as he figures some day I will be sick and he will have to wash the dishes.)  The dish rack I used to use is very icky.  I like it as it does not use a mat under it - the dripped water goes right back into the sink.  I saw a new version in Costco last week and we had a discussion that it was okay to dry the dishes in the rack again as a result.  I soaked and washed my rack - it is still icky - just not as much.  Sunday when we go to Costco (cheap lunch and somewhere different to walk around for awhile) we will buy the new rack and see if it fits. 

I am trying to put back extraneous items in the dishwasher.  I tend not to unload it.  I take out what I need, use it, wash it, and put it back.  Some items not used regularly have ended up in it and not been put away.  In anticipation of the new rack, I am trying to get all the extra items put away. 

I have redone where food items are stored in our kitchen closet pantry. It is now easier to deal with some items, but it is a bit odd.  When I open a box of pasta, for example, I put the pasta in a jar.  I realized that the jars would fit on the shelf I keep my cans on - and I have less cans than I used to (mostly soup, mushrooms, and canned tomatoes) and moved the jars up to that shelf.  Great, except I keep the spaghetti (I break it in half when I open the box before putting in the jar) is in a slightly taller jar (it has a wider neck, which is why it is different) so it has remained where it was.    It all fits in better.

I am also still copying and pasting the contact listings from my computer Organizer software into the new cell phone.  I really need to get it done.  In addition to not having the Chinese takeout number last week when we were on the road, when I went to call the dentist, I did not have his number in it easier.  I turned on one of my old phones and copied the number by hand into the new phone - the rest of the listing will follow. 

Hopefully I will finish up this week even on time and things to do, so I will start next week with no remaining things from this week.  Once the publications from my embroidery chapter are fixed, I will have one printed and mail them out.  That should not take long - an afternoon and evening at most.  The other will be emailed out a week before our September meeting.

How is YOUR summer going?  How is YOUR organizing going?  I’d love to hear from you.


Sometimes one just has to “go with the flow”.  A quiet week became overcrowded and there is nothing which can be done about it.  It is what it is.


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