Thursday, June 10, 2021


 I suddenly realized that it was Wednesday night and I had no thought on what to write about.  Then the mess presented itself.  

First, I should explain that I am a rather picky eater so many nights I cook a completely separate dinner for myself from that which I cook for husband.  I mostly have set dinners to cook for me when I don't like a particular food he wants for dinner – for example, on Monday nights he has hot dogs and beans for dinner.  I can no longer eat hot dogs (due to getting sick after doing so once) and I don't like/eat beans.  So on Monday nights I make myself a chicken patty and rice left over from Chinese takeout – sometimes with a gravy, tomato sauce or left over chow mein vegetables.   Not a big deal.

But tonight it got sooooo much worse.  First there was dinner.  Husband was having smoked sausage with left over mu shoo chicken (see even our choices in Chinese takeout are very different) and some rice.  I had a boneless chicken breast with leftover pasta and added peas.  So to start with, after I cooked the kitchen was full of used pots in addition to our dishes, etc.  Not a problem, normally we watch TV (in the kitchen) and when he goes upstairs after the weather report at 11:20 pm I do the dishes.  Not a big deal.

We had discussed today having a chicken stew that we like for dinner tomorrow.  The plan was to cook the chicken tonight (2.5 hours) and then tomorrow afternoon I would take it off the bone and use the meat and broth to cook the stew.  Husband knew this was the plan and that I would be cooking the chicken after we ate dinner, and while we were watching TV.

Husband still had in the freezer a package of ½ pound of ham, left from the ham we cooked for New Year's Day dinner and had taken it out and put it in the fridge to make ham salad.  It never dawned on me that he planned to do this tonight after dinner – but that was his plan.  So the chicken had to wait.  

The sink was mostly full with the dishes from tonight and we had used both of our 2 quart pots, both of of our 1.5 quart pots and both of our 1 qt pots.  A lot to wash, but it did not bother me.   

I was about to go and take out the chicken to simmer for tomorrow's stew when husband told me that he was going to make his ham salad.  I looked around the kitchen at the lack of space (we have a rather small kitchen) and knew that if he had this idea in his head, we were going to make his ham salad “now”.  

I had to find the small food processor we have – and had forgotten completely about as we never used it until he decided to make ham salad Spring 2020 after we made a ham for Easter.  I found it.  The had to find the other items he needed to make it.  Remember, I said at the start of this post that I am picky eater, well there are foods that I don't even look at, let alone touch and one of them is any kind of meat salad or anything else with mayonnaise – or even mayonnaise on its own – and you know who is going to be cleaning all of this up.  He made his ham salad and while he was finishing up and putting it in a plastic container, I started the chicken cooking.

So now our kitchen sink had the assorted cooking and eating items from dinner, the equipment he used to make his ham salad and was overfull already.  

I left the chicken simmering while we finished watched TV.  I then had to start washing what was in the sink – which had to come out of the sink to do so.  Washing up done – even the terribly icky (to me) equipment used to make his ham salad and from heating his mu shoo.  

Then the garbage question.  If we leave the remnants  of the ham and other items from dinner in the kitchen they will get smelly in the garbage.  Tonight is one of the one the nights we can put out garbage for the morning – so it goes out tonight or sits either in the house or our large garbage can outside.  Which one?  The amount of garbage in the bag/pail is maybe 20% of the capacity at most  - probably less.  Which would you do – waste the rest of the bag or have smelly garbage – and I should mention that the style of bag I like (with twist ties) is getting harder and harder to find – in addition to being a general waste of the plastic bag to put it out so empty?

Aha!  I can almost always find another choice to a problem.  I took the matching sized bag of paper garbage from our office downstairs and dumped it into the kitchen bag, which filled the kitchen bag which could to out for pickup without wasting the bag.  I have another bag of the same size in our paper shredder which is just about full – so tomorrow after I pull apart the chicken for the stew, I can throw the bones and other icky parts into the replacement kitchen garbage bag and then dump into that bag the shredder's bag which should just about fill it – and then put that full bag in our outside can to take out of same and leave at the curb on Sunday night for Monday pickup.  I will have filled and used a new bag in the kitchen, and will need yet another one for the kitchen, but I will be able to continue to use the 2 bags in the office until they are full again.  Problem solved.  

The chicken finished cooking since I started writing this post and I have put it in a plastic container to deal with tomorrow and its liquid in a separate plastic container.  I have not yet dealt with the pot and utensils from cooking the chicken – they are soaking and will be washed when I do the wash up from our late night snack, so I have to chance to breath – until I need to go downstairs and change loads of laundry which are washing in the basement.  (Wednesday night is first laundry night, followed by finishing of same on Thursday night.)


When confronted with two choices and neither one of them works – look for a third and maybe even a fourth choice. Don't presume that the situation is “either or”.  Often there is another or several other choices that one has not thought of before.  In this case I managed to find a solution so I don't have smelly garbage in my kitchen while also not wasting a plastic bag by putting it out without it being filled. 

Thursday, June 3, 2021


 I have been using up my time finishing up the renewals for two organizations I am in.  Normally our reenactment unit renewals are due at the beginning of the year – our national organization needs (wants?) their renewals to them by March 31st and my embroidery chapter renewals are due to our national organization and our local region by May 31st.  Throw in tax season which normally ends on April 15th and there is a lot – but the various parts of what I need to do is spread over 5 months.

This year the national of our reenactment unit decided it was a good time to update their membership system, so their renewals are due – of course – May 31st.  And as any of you in the USA know – tax season was extended to May 17th.  People being how people are – just about everyone puts off renewing and/or filing taxes until the last minute – so late April and May has been overwhelming.  

The taxes were finished and out on time to the clients – except one client asked for an extension – he always does.  But the dues collection and submission have been running behind.  As of today I have heard from 3 of the last 4 people I needed to speak with (combined from both organizations).   So tomorrow I will be able to do the paperwork for one group and hopefully will hear from the last person, so I can do the paperwork for the other group.  

I am treasurer of both groups, and membership chair of our reenactment unit.  I took on the membership chair position as it is easier for me to collect the dues and paperwork than have someone else do so and get it all to me – as the unit is relative quiet with no meetings or events when normally the renewals are taking place.  My embroidery chapter has a membership chair and normally she would be going after members for renewals and collecting the dues – but this year (and last year) due to the pandemic and no face to face meetings it has been easier for me to collect the dues and have them mailed to me – or she would first have to do that after all was mailed to her.  

When I get all the paperwork for both groups and mail it out – slightly late for both – I will be very happy that it is all finished and take a deep breathe.  The client with the tax extension will contact me about actually doing his taxes in late August to early September – as he does every year.  

Of course life does not stop for all of this – I am still doing the housework, checking and paying bills, cooking, laundry, and so on.  And, as I mentioned  last week – we have been getting our RV ready to go out after sitting for almost 2 years (problems with it stopped us mostly from traveling in 2019 also).  

This Friday we are taking the RV to an authorized shop for its generator.  In addition to needing its normal oil change – they have to figure out why it does not start.  They charge US$160 an hour.  We are hoping it is something simple – such as the fuse is out of place or the fuse needs to be replaced – when we go there the bill always seems to be huge.  (Normally we take our RV to our dealer in another state for the oil change as it is much cheaper and they don't add on other things we didn't need and don't put in too much oil so that it does work right.)

But after posting so late last week – I was bound and determined to post on time this week!

What needs to get done, somehow gets done.   One must figure out how to do so.  Figure out which needs to be done first and do it, even when everything needs to be first!  Then do everything else.

Monday, May 31, 2021


 Sorry to post so late – we had one of those weeks which seem to be coming more often these days.  

We went Friday a week ago to buy buy vitamins at Costco.  While there we spoke with the assistant manager of the tire department about buying new tires for our RV and having them put on same.  He said that they were no longer working on RVs (despite their website saying they do) and husband explained that it was a not a large RV, but a Chevy van converted to same.  We had to bring it into for him to look at and did so on Monday – sounds simple, right?  To back our RV out I have to stand in the middle of the 4 lane major road on which we live with a walkie talkie.  When the roadway is clear I yell for husband to back out and run to the curb.  He pulls over the curb after backing in so I can get in, which has to be done quickly as the RV/van is wider than the parking lane and vehicles are coming almost constantly.  Biggest problems are weight and the fact that it cannot be raised up on one of those platform lifts due to 4 water tanks and a generator attached underneath.  It is also taller than normal vans, but that was not anticipated to a problem as they were set up for taller vans.  He took some photos, and said he would call us.  If they could do it we would need to bring it in at 6:30 am on Sunday so they could work on it in the empty parking lot before the store opened – Huh?  This was like telling a normal person they would have to bring it at 1 am or so – we are not morning people to begin with and over the past year have been staying up later and waking up later – but if only way to get this done, we will have figure it out.  The tires had to be changed using jacks to lift the RV and it would take longer than normal.

Tuesday he called us and said it could be done – we had to come in and order the tires which we did (in our car of course, not the RV.  The tires were to come in on Friday and on Sunday morning they would put them on.  (So as of this point – we have made 3 trips to the next county about the tires – ½ hour drive each way, allow ½ hour to back out of driveway, etc each time.)  

Friday we received the call that tires were ready  - but instead of being reminded about 6:30 am on Sunday we were asked “3pm or 4pm appointment today?”  I explained what we had been told and reply was “We never do that – all work has to be done in our work area”.  I picked 3 pm and we scrambled to get dressed, eat lunch and get out in time to be there for 3 pm – fully anticipating being told to come back on Sunday at 6:30 am.  It was suppose to rain Friday night – but as we arrived at the store the rain started.  The parking spaces set aside for the tire center were filled and we cannot just pull the RV into any parking space as it is LONG.  We managed to find a usable space along a side aisle (front end could be drive off the pavement to fit) and parked there.  The assistant manager was there – no explanation of the change in when the work was being done.  We left the keys and went into the Costco store to use up 2 hours as they had said 2 to 2 and a half hours.  We  v e r y  s l o w l y w a l k e d around inside the store – separate trips for each side of each aisle – and then started over.  At 2 hours we went to the tire department to check and leave my cell phone number in case of problem and when the work was done as they had our home number.  At 3 and a half hours total time we went back again and the work was done – we don't know how long we were meandering in the store as they never called us to let us know it was finished.  (We kept expecting security to ask why we were in the store for that long a time without buying anything – the seating area for their snack bar was gone due to Covid -19 rules.)  But at least we have new tires and that is done with.

Overlapping this – husband does some work online and his pay is paid to a checking account at Credit Union “A” in his name and we then write a check from same to our regular checking account.  He was paid the beginning of the month but the payment was rejected by “A” as account inactive.  I called and straightened this out – he was paid and we took the money by check in January – so it is has been used recently and well within a year.  He then setup the account on the payer and again it was not able to pay him as the account was inactive.  I spoke to a manager and was told the craziest story I have heard in decades of being an accountant – they only count deposits made by the account holder towards activity – we could write a hundred checks a month and have 100 credits to the account – but it would become inactive without us making a deposit.  Not only was the checking account inactive – his entire membership and all of our accounts were inactive – strangely an electronic form we had to come in and fill out which could not be mailed to us (per an employee we spoke to before him - with no concept of people not going out to Covid) no longer seemed to be needed.  I then checked on the accounts in my name – also inactive, again despite transactions in January in and out – but no deposit.  He fixed those accounts also.  THEN – I realized I have the accounts for my embroidery club there – deposit was made to checking last May – but nothing since, and nothing deposited to the savings account where a deposit had to be made to keep the account active in years – which makes me wonder why this problem did arise with same years earlier.  He reactivated these accounts also.  

This is on top of a variety of other problems which have arisen with “A” since it changed its name (including no more live tellers for those needed deposits).   Husband was furious and this was the end.  We put on our masks and drove a location of Credit Union “B” where he also accounts – but not a checking account.  We opened a checking account there.  We have now set up everything which used to be sent for credit to the checking accounts at  “A” to be sent to the account we opened at “B”.  We will now have to check and make sure two transfers were made to that account.  

All of this took so much time this past week that I only was able to check email twice during the week.  What this proves is that no matter how well organized one is – the disorganization and stupidity of others can take up too much of one's time and make one disorganized.  


Keep good track of your finances and always expect the unexpected to happen.

Thursday, May 13, 2021


 A busy week, but not much accomplished.  

For example -

I have mentioned that we have a very small RV (a Chevy van converted to same).  When one has an RV one must deal with the toilet waste from when one has used the toilet during their trip.  In this type and brand of RV it is a different system than in most RVs which use gravity to empty the tanks as the tanks are too low to the ground for gravity to work well.  In this RV a pump is used with a macerator to grind up any (ahem) solids being pumped out. There is a hose in a small compartment at the bottom of the driver's side of the RV located immediately behind that side door.  When emptying the tanks the hose is pulled out the hose end is put into the tank in the ground where the tank contents will end up and then a valve is opened before the macerater/pump is started.  

Since we first got this RV we have not been able to turn the valve.  The original hose which came with the RV was very stiff and hard to put in and out and took up almost the entire section where it is stored.  As a result we were able to leave the valve open as we would make sure that the end of the hose was pointing up so nothing left in the hose could pour out into the compartment (ick).  This worked very well for the first 8 years we had the RV.  In 2019 we had to have the macerator replaced as it stopped working.  While this was being done we asked them to replace the hose with one which was easier to maneuver.  What we did not take into account is that the end of the RV would not longer be able to kept pointing upward.  Husband managed to close the valve at the end of the hose and we have not traveled since due to other work needed on the RV, winters, and Covid-19.  

Husband is now thinking ahead to traveling again (drooling with happiness at the thought of traveling on our short trips again).  He realized something has to be done to be able to close the end of the hose.  Any replacement valve we can find intended for this purpose will not fit into the small opening of the section the hose is kept in – what to do?  Husband spent a good part of 2 afternoons measuring the hoses and the connections. His idea is to replace the valve with a piece of pipe which can have a cap screwed onto it.  He made a list of what we need and checked at a chain home supply store that they carry all of the needed parts and same was in stock at the store close to us.  

We went there this afternoon to buy the pieces.  This store's section of plastic plumbing fittings was a mess.  Bins were empty and items were mixed into the wrong bins.  There is another store of this same chain in the community to the south of us and we headed there.  We were eventually able to find everything he says we need.  We were in the department for such a long time I am guessing that employees thought we were moving in.  Hopefully all of this will work when we put it together.  

This shopping event took almost the entire afternoon – I did not even get to check email today.  

Lest you think we are going to work on this project tomorrow, tonight after dinner we drove the RV to our car mechanic (4 blocks away) as it needs its state inspection – fingers crossed that all goes well.  This will, hopefully be done tomorrow.  

I figured that tomorrow I will catch up – ha, ha!  Tomorrow we are going food shopping, just a fill in trip not one of our marathon “there is a pandemic and we don't want to walk out of the house again for as long as possible” trips of the past year, but a fill in trip.  When I am finished with this post I will update and check the shopping list I have been updating in an Excel spreadsheet (piece of paper on fridge, list items as we run out and then copy to spreadsheet to print out – much easier to write when not written by hand and list is in order of aisles (more or less) at supermarket.  Sooo, there goes tomorrow also!  

On the financial side of life, I have spent the past week chasing down a direct deposit to our bank account which was suppose to be made by a company which handles same for the company through which husband does online counseling.  Deposit was 4 days late – with me telephoning their computer each evening to check – when husband received an email that the deposit was not made as the account does not exist.  HUH?  We have had this account for decades and they have made the deposits to it since they took over handling same for the company through which he does the counseling.  Granted we are not talking big money here – about US$100 -  but still…   I telephoned the company which handles the payments and spoke with a woman there – we each kept getting silence or voices were too low to hear.  At one point she had to call me back as the connection was so bad.  Finally we were each able to provide information to the other – and husband had to confirm he was him and I could talk to her.  We emailed a copy of the last bank statement (with other account info blacked out) and are waiting to hear back.  I checked the bank again tonight – just in case – still no deposit to the account!  This took up most of yesterday afternoon!  Deposit is now a week late.

That's 3 afternoons gone this week and then add tomorrow – and that is 4.  

In between all of this I am trying to track down an IRS refund due one of my clients,  and deal with renewals for our reenactment unit and my embroidery chapter.  I am now at the point where I am pleading with members to get their renewals in as both sets of renewals must be mailed by May 31 to the national offices.  In one case a member says she mailed her dues “weeks ago” (I only put out the notice to renew the beginning of May), but I don't have them.  I emailed her 2 days ago to find out if she mailed to my house (as they were told to do) or our PO Box (which means it should be forwarded, but often is not and we went 2 weeks ago, but not this past week).  She has not let me know where she mailed it.  

Well, what has to be done gets done and everything else waits for it.  I am not a magician, if something has to wait, it wait.  Today is all I can deal with today!

Did you get Covid-19 shots yet?

Saturday, May 8, 2021


 OOPS!  Somehow I lost Wednesday - and Thursday - this week.   

I finally finished doing tax returns this week – except for a client who wanted an extension, so I finally had time to devote to my embroidery chapter and our reenactment unit.  

In normal times I would be working with the membership chair of my embroidery chapter on renewals as the national group for same has renewals due by May 31.  

Normally the reenactment unit has its membership renewal period at the start of the year as our national group wants its renewals and dues by March 1 and the unit renewals are done at the same time.   BUT this year – our chapter is rolling over dues from last year as the unit did almost nothing last year due to Covid-19, so that part is easy, but our national group pushed their renewal period back to now – also due in May – as they were redoing their membership records system.  So I have to get the members of both groups to renew at the same time.  I had emailed to members from my embroidery chapter an those members of our reenactment unit who belong to the national group (not all unit members belong to same) to renew.  I have received some renewals from each group and all week have been intending to send a second email to those who still have to renew in each group.  (Yes, personally my dues/our dues have already been paid to both groups.)  

Throw into this mix that week was the monthly Zoom for the embroidery chapter and a last minute Zoom board meeting was called for the reenactment unit.  I was so confused that I thought they were both the same day – embroidery in the morning and the board meeting at night.  I was working at my computer late in the day – long after the embroidery meeting – and suddenly realized that the meeting had already started.  I yelled to my husband to come up and sign in (he is also on the board) as I started my laptop (no camera or microphone on my desktop computer) to quickly sign into the meeting.  Husband yelled back that the board meeting was the next day- phew!!

Now add into this the embroidery chapter has its face to face meetings (when we used to have and will in the future) in a town park's community room.  The one we have been using is much too small to be able to social distance (January 2020 I did not go to the meeting as I had a cold and could not figure where I could sit and not pass along the cold.)  We have been in talks with the town to use a different meeting room for the rest of this year – if and when it is opens up – and we had to change our meeting date to do so.  A vote had been taken by the members as to which day to meet instead.  I suddenly realized the day before the meeting that we had not setup the meeting dates with the town.  I double checked with the chapter President and telephoned the town parks department – call went to voicemail.  I left a message.  Next day I was called back – we took too long, the room was already assigned.  I grabbed the alternative they still had – the same meeting room we had before on a different day – in the interim.  Chapter President said the room was too small even before Covid, and to call again.  

So I have been in a panic most of the week – a large IRS refund due to a client which has not come yet and does not show on IRS records, plus the 2 sets of renewals, plus the two meetings, plus the we lost the meeting room we wanted.  Little by little over the week things started to resolve – the client's refund is finally showing up on the IRS website, the board meeting for the reenactment unit went much better than I thought it would and the unit is not disbanding, and today I received a call from someone else at town parks, that we can have the room we were asking for on the days we wanted it.  (We are hoping that later this year we can meet in person.)  Breathe a big sigh of relief!

Now add into all of this – husband and I have been working on cleaning up in the garage.  Late last week I had been using my leg to measure how tall the small trash pails he uses to hold smaller pieces of wood are, as one broke and we needed to replace it, and I leaned forward to see how tall it was against my leg and smashed my head into the end of husband's lathe – OUCH!  As of now it still hurts if I touch it.  And on Tuesday my right thumb started to hurt.  I don't think it is computer or cell phone related as I tend to use my fingers much more than my thumbs on both.

All of this has been in my head and Wednesday slipped past me and then Thursday slipped past me.  Now I can get back to the renewals for both groups, hopefully my head and thumb will feel better and maybe tonight I will be able to sleep and remember what day it is!


Even when everything is hitting at once, try to deal with the various problems one at a time with the most urgent one first – and in today's pandemic world – try to remember which day it is – all day!

Thursday, April 29, 2021


 I make lunch – peanut butter sandwich for me, ½ can of soup or a cold cut sandwich for husband.  I wash the dishes after lunch.  

But then I forget to do most important thing – figure out what we are eating for dinner.  I forget to ask my husband what he wants or “feels like” for dinner.  This is all a “since Covid” thing – before that we ate lunch out at Wendys (under US$4 for both of us) and we would discuss what to have for dinner as we went to the supermarket and shopped for that day's dinner.  So I forget even though this has been going for over a year.  

Some days this does matter as we will have something for dinner which does not need to defrost– on Mondays, for instance, he usually has hot dogs (which are generally not frozen) on bread and beans – while the beans are frozen they can be quickly defrosted as they cook on the stove and I have a chicken patty which can be cooked directly from frozen with leftover Chinese takeout rice and left over gravy of some sort – which can also be cooked directly from frozen.  Most days at least one item needs to be defrosted.  

Today I remembered and asked what husband wanted for dinner – sausages and spaghetti with tomato “gravy” (sauce).  Plenty of time to defrost the sausages and I took them out and left them in their plastic bags on a plate to defrost.  I had cooked tomato gravy last week, so I had plenty of extra frozen in the freezer in containers and I took one out also, even though it can be cooked from frozen.  I thought I was doing great.  

We went out for a walk in a local park as the weather was pleasant (last week we tried to do and it was much too windy).  When we came home I took in today's mail and sealed it in a quart plastic zip bag and put it in the plastic box that due to the pandemic our mail sits in for 4 days before I open i and took the Saturday bag of mail out of the box and took it upstairs to our office.  I spent the rest of the afternoon at my desk in the office.  

I came down an hour before we would eat dinner.  I made three phone calls to computers – checked that we had not forgotten that we had used any of 3 credit cards we normally don't use, which if we did I would need to pay and mail out on this Sunday's run to a USPS collection box with outgoing mail(since our mail delivery is not doing well, I have been checking just in case we used an unusual card and forgot so that no bill payments are missed) none of them have been used.  I then telephone our bank's computer and made sure that 2 direct deposits to our bank account are there, so we can spend the money and then started on cooking dinner.

I put up a pot of water to boil the spaghetti.  I put a small amount of water in the smaller of my two cast iron pans to start cooking the sausages and put the tomato gravy in a small pot (technically a sauce pan) to heat it, knowing the mess the sauce can make I put a lid on the pot.  When the water in the pan for the sausages started to boil I added the sausages and covered the pan – set the timer on the stove for 8 minutes, per the package of sausages.  The spaghetti water started to boil and having weighed out the amount of spaghetti I needed, I dropped same in the boiling water and turned it down a bit.  I then set the table.  When the timer went off I took, the lid off of the sausages, removed them and dumped out the remaining water and put them back in the pan to brown. All was going well.

Tomato gravy was heated and I shut it off with the lid on.  I checked the spaghetti – it needed more time. I was keeping an eye on the sausages and turning them so they would each brown on 4 sides.  I tried the spaghetti and it was done so I put into a strainer it and set aside in the kitchen sink to finish draining.  
The sausages looked done.  I took out my trusty oven thermometer and put it into one of the sausages to check that it had been cooked to over 365F so it would safe to eat.  It was only at 85F?!  Tired another – same thing … maybe they had not be completely defrosted when I started cooking them?  I put them back in the pan and let them keep cooking.  I tried them again 10 minutes later – they were now 91F?  Put them back into the pan.  

Husband came down for dinner, I explained what was going on.  He tested them – still in the 90Fs?   We decided to cut them in half and cook them that way to speed up the cooking.  He had cut two in half and the other two were sitting on a plate as cut in half only 2 fit in the pan.  We let them cook a few minutes and then tested the temperature – just about 95F .  What the heck was going on?

Then I looked at the thermometer.  OH NO!  Somehow it had to be reset to Celsius from Fahrenheit – so the temperatures were considerable hotter than we thought they were! 

I had the two which had been cut open and they were rather overdone and hard to chew.  I let husband have the two which had not been cut open as they had been cooked slightly less.  

Always check your equipment when something does not seem right.  Had I looked closer at the thermometer when I was first getting these odd readings I would seen the problem right away.  Dinner would have been on time and not overcooked.  

(95C = 203F – much above the 165F I was looking for, so no one has to calculate this out.)

Thursday, April 22, 2021


 Well at least I am back on schedule and on time this week.

Today we did some electronics organizing.  Huh?  Well, my husband told me that we needed to switch DVD players around the house.  I have learned that when he comes up with an idea such as this, it is much easier to just to go along with him and not ask why we are doing this.  

First we took out the DVD player which we use in the kitchen (it is actually located in our adjacent  craft studio – there is a large squared off arch between the two rooms so while obviously being two separate rooms they more or less continue into each other.   Our kitchen table is in the front of the arch (blocks part of the arch and part is still walk through – only place to put the table in the kitchen and it is a small table) and our kitchen TV is actually in the studio on a dresser in same, so we can watch TV at the table.  The DVD player is on top of a chest of drawers in the studio which is next to the dresser, but away from the arch.

We took the kitchen DVD player upstairs to our bedroom.  We then took out the DVD player in the bedroom (I put it on my chair in our office, across the hall from the bedroom) and we setup the DVD player from the kitchen in the bedroom – so far relatively easy.  Turned on the DVD player and it came on.  

We then went to our office and started to take apart the DVD player in same.  This was a bit harder than other two.  The DVD player sits on top of 6 foot tall bookcase.  The TV in the office sits on the highest shelf within the bookcase (which shelf is about 2 and feet tall in space above it).  There is a small hole cut in the back of the bookcase behind the TV for the wires to drop down behind the bookcase and come into the shelf.  AND to be seen while sitting at our desks the TV has to be pointed down – so there are small rectangle blocks under the back of the TV's base.  While I held the TV so it did not fall off the shelf – husband unplugged the wire from the back of the TV, climbed on a step stool, and pulled the wires out of the back of the bookcase and removed the DVD player from the top of the bookcase.  I set that DVD aside on my desk and brought over the DVD player from the bedroom for which the process was reversed – it was put on the top of the bookcase, wires had to be found hanging behind the bookcase and brought into the top shelf through the small hole (hardest part of course finding the loose hanging wire) and then the wire from player to TV plugged into the TV and the electric cord into an electric extension already there.  Turned on the DVD player and it came on.  

Back to the kitchen.  We now setup the DVD player from the office in the studio/kitchen and made sure it came on.

Now I finally asked the big question - “Why the heck did we do this?”  Turns out that one of the players does not take a USB drive and one of the other players also runs Blu Ray discs.   So the object of this project was two fold – we now have players  which take USB drives in 2 places he wants them and we have the player which runs Blu Ray in the kitchen.   

One problem was the need to do major dusting as we did this – on the drives themselves, the TVs and the shelves and other spaces where all of these items sit.  Husband did not wait for me to get a dusting cloth and instead started using paper towels – which, of course, are not that great for dusting.  

Part of the this plan, I am guessing, is that he got a hard drive for Christmas which records off the TV/cable and he has been recording some TV series which are on too late for him to watch and he will be able to plug the recorder into the 2 boxes which take USB and they are now both located where he would want to watch those shows and the Blu Ray is probably in the kitchen to be able watch same when we have our Covid substitute Saturday night movie dates while eating take out Chinese food – aka our Covid substitute Saturday night dinner out.  


Sometimes something makes sense to one person and does not make sense to others.  

This is true for husband's need to rearrange all of the DVD players and my need to use the dining room and good china, silverplate tableware, and good glasses for holiday dinners even thought it is just two of us.  

If your significant other feels a need to do something that is is not a major problem/expense and what he/she wants to do makes no sense to you – humor them and help them with what they want to do.  And if you feel the need to do something like this – they should humor and help you also.  One never knows when a small change which seems to make no sense is actually a great idea.